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Web Development & Data Experts

Web Development

From simple to complex websites or systems running on the web, we've got it covered. Go ahead and take a look at our portfolio.

Data Management

Data can be complex - and vast. We have the tools and expertise to analyse your data and make it work for you.

Web Optimisation

Anyone can build a website but not everyone knows how to get optimal performance out of the hardware and software. We do.

Indexed Data

Databases index data. But there may be better performing ways to index your data as it grows beyond your database's capabilities.

Managed Hosting

We don't pretend that we host systems. But we do have a very reliable partner that does and we can set you up fast.


Data classification or categorisation is a bit of a niche but something we're good at. Uncategorised data is potentially useless.

Our Skills

If you’re looking for skills in command and control, we’re not for you. But if you have almost any other kind of requirement, we’ve got the expertise and skills to fulfill your needs.

We’re not a new company and we’re certainly not new to IT. In fact, we started out when IT wasn’t IT, it was called ‘computing’. There aren’t many IT languages we haven’t coded in and we’ve been involved with some of the collosuses  of the IT world in our time. From operating system design and development through to web design and infrastructure development, we’ve been there, done it and have the scars to prove it!

We don’t just build web systems, we manage and optimize the entire environment, including hardware servers, software servers and databases. So, whatever you want to do, you can be sure we will have the best setup for you.

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Outstanding Support



Web Development

Data Indexing

Databases are the traditional IT solution to storing and indexing data. Mostly, they work well and if you have an unlimited budget, you can build clusters across database servers to your heart’s content. But if you live in the real world, your database may be creaking and your budget is being squeezed. So, why not look at an alternative that handles the same data but enables it to be displayed, searched and faceted far faster than your traditional relational database. The tools are out there and we use them to provide solutions that perform far better than a relational database ever can.

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Data Categorization

Data comes in all sorts of flavours and most of our clients have more of it than they can shake a stick at. What’s more, the volumes are increasing daily. Emails, products, RSS feeds all mount up. Many of these data silos end up storing vast amounts of random items purely because nobody knows what to do with them as the tide of information surges in. As such, the data is almost useless and businesses may be making judgments based on incorrect facts or even no facts. Our categorisation processes can help to knock your data into shape, quickly and with 99% accuracy.

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Web Site Development

When it comes to website development, we’ve been doing it since the very early days of The Internet back in the mid-90’s so we know a thing or two. From bespoke systems designed from the ground up to CMS-based systems using well-known frameworks, we have your requirements covered. E-commerce, web-search, company brochure sites, you name it, we do it. And it’s not just the site design and development – we handle all the technical stuff behind it too so you don’t have to worry about hardware or software servers, databases, certificates or performance.

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