About Us

Creative Elements

01Our Company

Jaybase started life about 12 years ago , developing web-based systems for clients big and small. Prior to that, we’d worked in various different IT disciplines.

Over the years, we’ve had to mug up on a lot of stuff. New programming languages, methodologies, databases (both SQL and NOSQL), techniques and client business models. In fact there aren’t many things we haven’t done.

Just as a cobblers children are the last to be shod, we’d never got round to giving ourselves a web-presence until now. We hope you like it.

02Our Ethos

We strive to be better, to offer more, to be kind, to care about ourselves, our clients and our environment.

We are passionate about what we do and how we do it.

We want our clients to feel that they have an open, honest relationship with us.

We will push boundaries and be adventurous but not foolhardy.

We will listen and expect to be listened to.

03Our Approach

We know no two businesses are the same even if they operate in the same commercial niche.

We will understand what you do and want to achieve. We will not be constrained by technology or choice.

We will work with you to scope your requirements into a project and at all times, you, the client, will be in control.

We will always try to over-achieve for you so that you find yourself in the best possible commercial position.