Huh? tl;dr? What’s that title? Shome mishtake shirley.

Well, no,  not at all. It’s all about focus and keeping your reader. ‘tl;dr’ stands for “too long; didn’t read” and is commonly applied in the creative and marketing industries. Now you know what it means, it’s blindingly obvious but don’t forget to apply it when you’re writing your content.

“tl;dr’ applies to emails and blog content – as well as other things no doubt. A 30-page email is not going to get an audience apart from pedants (nothing wrong with pedants, they make the world go round – only slowly). A long blog is just going to turn people off and may well increase your bounce rate (not good). So the motto is, keep it short and to the point. Hit your user early on with what you want them to know and maintain their focus throughout. Don’t waffle ‘cos nobody likes waffle (BTW, that’s waffle).

If someone comes to your site via a Google result, Google will be watching their actions. If they hit your page, see a stream of consciousness being poured out, they may well zip back to their Google search results and find another more suitable result. Google notes that ‘bounce’, adds it into what it already doesn’t like about your site and adjusts your ranking accordingly. The more people who bounce, the worse it gets for you and your hopes of world domination.

I shall be trying to apply this to my own ramblings too as I’m very aware that they can dribble on a bit. Mind you, all my musings are worth reading so it’s altogether different of course.

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